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Filtration is the process of passing a fluid through a porous material, causing particles that contaminate the fluid to become trapped in the material. This results in a cleaner fluid. Industrial fluids are filtered to remove metallic particles created by the manufacturing process. Removing the particles will extend the useful life of the fluid, and reduce the cost of the manufacturing process.

  • ​Furniture

  • Geotextiles

  • Healthcare and Pharmaceutical

  • Hydrocarbon Processing

  • Steel and Metal Working

Industries We Serve:

  • Automotive

  • Agriculture and Landscaping

  • Air Filtration

  • Aluminum Canning

  • Aviation & Aerospace

  • Construction

  • Food/Industrial Frying


Crystal Filtration was established in 1986 with a single goal: to provide advanced media filtration solutions to reduce costs and improve quality. For over three decades, we’ve helped countless companies across a broad range of industries lower manufacturing expenses and produce better products. 

Believe it or not, we started out with a single product. We spent our first year developing an improved filter paper for metalworking coolants used in the manufacturing of 2-piece aluminum cans. After testing over 50 different formulations, we developed a product that reduced filter media costs from $1,500,000 to $750,000 within a year.

As we’ve expanded our product line, we’ve painstakingly developed each and every product with the aim of providing maximum value for our clients. From start to finish, we employ a scientific approach to fully understand the client’s manufacturing process, environment, and overall needs. Our qualified staff visit your facility, evaluate your process and analyze your fluids. With an in-depth understanding of the situation, we then craft solutions tailored to their specific goals. 

Continuing technical field support is an essential part of our business model. The service we provide can improve your process today, tomorrow and for years to come.

Today, we offer a full suite of filtration services. In recent years, we’ve branched into the food service, snack, beer, wine, and other beverage industries with our Filsorb and Food Analyzer brands. Our Waste Free recycling facility enables manufacturers to go landfill-free by recycling their filters. 


In 2003, Crystal Filtration was asked by General Motors to help GM obtain the country’s first landfill-free plant. The plant chosen was General Motors Flint Engine South, which utilizes filters supplied by Crystal Filtration to clean and process coolant liquids used in its manufacturing operations. After two years, GM Flint Engine South became the first landfill-free automotive facility in North America.

Shortly thereafter, Crystal Filtration provided the same services to GM’s Ypsilanti Transmission Operations (which has since been closed) and Toledo Transmission Operations, which were the second and third GM plants to achieve their landfill-free status. Crystal Filtration also assisted General Motors in helping the company achieve landfill-free status in plants outside the Detroit area.

General Motors asked Crystal Filtration to open a Detroit facility to assist other automotive facilities in becoming landfill-free. To meet its customers’ needs in the automotive industry, Crystal Filtration purchased a 45,000 square foot building in Detroit and all necessary equipment to open a new company, Waste-Free, LLC, which has since been relocated to Warren, Michigan. The new Waste Free, LLC facility currently receives rolls of dirty filter media from a variety of engine and transmission facilities within the Big Three. Rolls of filter media have successfully been tested in preparation to enable more facilities in becoming landfill-free.


Quartz Analytics is a Crystal Filtration Company. Since 1986, Crystal Filtration has been dedicated to providing the best products and care for customers. As Quartz Analytics, we plan to continue that virtue. 

Quartz Analytics is engaged primarily in supplying accurate and easy-to-use lab equipment that improves quality control for both the food and beverage industries through our partnership with cdR Mediared. The cdR technology, couples spectrophotometrics with a series of pre-filled and ready to use reagent kits developed by the research laboratories of cdR. These systems are easy to use, do not require calibration and require minimal maintenance maintenance, and provide compliant reference methods. The systems are practical, reliable and allow one to perform accurate chemical tests on different kinds of foods and beverages in a very simple and rapid way.

CDR analysis systems allow you to analyze more samples at the same time, to manage the determination of several analytical parameters on many types of foods and beverages with the same accuracy and precision of traditional methods.

Let us help you make science simple.


At LaFil, we offer the same wide variety of non-woven filtration solutions that our customers have come to know and trust at Crystal Filtration. With inventory and a warehouse in Monterey we are able to stock and distribute products to our Latin-based customers in a cost effective manner.

Not sure what filtration solution best suits your needs? Or having issues with your current filtration applications? Our experienced sales engineers at LaFil are available for consultations. We take the time to thoroughly examine your system and perform laboratory test to identify the sources, volume, and nature of your contaminants to optimize your filter performance by providing you with filter media/aid selection, filter media/aid design , and identification of alternative solutions.

Like Crystal Filtration, LaFil also offers a wide range of laboratory services including but not limited to:

  • Contamination analysis

  • Particle size distribution

  • Filter media analysis

  • Identification and performance testing

  • Life and efficiency testing

  • Hot oil testing

At LaFil we are proud to be your preferred non-woven and filtration aid supplier, Whether you are looking for one of our patented high-performing products, a custom designed product, or a commodity media for less critical applications. For more information, contact us today!


¿Localizado en Centroamérica o de Sudamérica? ¿Busca un proveedor de filtros no tejidos en México? En 2003, Crystal Filtration adquirió la entidad con sede en México, LaFil, para ayudar a apoyar a nuestros clientes en México, Centroamérica y Sudamérica.


En LaFil, ofrecemos la misma amplia variedad de soluciones de filtración no tejidos que nuestros clientes han llegado a conocer y por las que confían en Crystal Filtration. Contamos con un almacén en Monterrey en donde se encuentra el inventario disponible, y de esta manera poder almacenar y distribuir el producto a nuestros clientes con sede en América Latina de una manera más económica y efectiva.


¿No está seguro de qué solución de filtración se adapta mejor a sus necesidades? ¿O tiene problemas con sus aplicaciones de filtración actuales? Nuestros experimentados ingenieros de ventas en LaFil están disponibles para consultas. Nos especializamos en identificar las fuentes, el volumen, y la naturaleza de sus contaminantes para optimizar el rendimiento de su filtro al proporcionarle la selección de medios filtrantes, diseño de medias filtrantes y la identificación de soluciones alternativas.


Al igual que Crystal Filtration, LaFil también ofrece una amplia gama de servicios de laboratorio que incluyen, entre otros:


Análisis de contaminación

Distribución del tamaño de partícula

Análisis de medios filtrantes

dentificación y pruebas de rendimiento

Pruebas de vida y eficiencia

Pruebas de aceite caliente


En LaFil estamos orgullosos de ser el proveedor de su preferencia de telas no tejidas. Ya sea que esté buscando uno de nuestros productos patentados de alto rendimiento, un producto diseñado a la medida, o un medio básico para aplicaciones menos críticas. ¡Para obtener más información, contáctenos hoy!

2146 Avon Industrial Dr.

Rochester Hills, MI 48309


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