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Crystal Filtration is an industry leader in providing our customers with innovative solutions for their liquid, air, food and beverage filtration, and testing needs.


Sales Engineer (Non-Wovens)

Job Description

· Sales: Builds and maintains a network of sources from which to identify new sales leads to drive revenue growth. Assisting in expanding sales footprint with new customers and markets.

· Collaboration:Work closely with our engineering team to ensure that our equipment aligns with customer requirements and system specifications.

· Product Recommendations: Recommend cost-effective and improved product alternatives to our customers.

· Order Fulfillment: Produces quotes and reports to customers, Secure orders, maintain product standards, and ensure timely delivery.

· Customer Relationship: Build strong rapport with clients, ensuring customer satisfaction through ongoing communication and relationship management; resolves any issues that may arise post-sale. Alerting new and existing customers of new products, services, and enhancements that may be of interest.

· Product Enhancement: Identify opportunities for product modifications to better meet customer needs.

· Problem Solving: Assist clients in resolving any issues related to product usage. Demonstrates the functions and performance of our products with customers (potentially on client site) based on their needs.

· Reporting: Maintains detailed reports of sales activities including calls, orders, sales, lost business, and any customer or vendor relationship problems. Meets dynamic sales goals based on activity, meetings, new business closed, and other metrics. Provides periodic territory sales forecasts.

· Up to 70% territorial travel anticipated.

· Performs other related duties as assigned.

Apply to Join Our Team!

Position Applying For

There are currently no positions open, however, if you're interested in joining our team, please contact us!

2146 Avon Industrial Dr.

Rochester Hills, MI 48309


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