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And That’s a Wrap on SNAXPO 2023!

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

SNAXPO is an event Crystal Filtration always looks forward to attending! Not only is it a great place to learn and meet new faces, but it allows us to catch up in person with our customers and friends in the snack food industry.

SNAXPO gives our team of oil experts a place to educate on the importance of properly managing your cooking oil. Utilizing FILSORB and the CDR FoodLab® will significantly decrease costs and frustrations, all while increasing the life of your cooking oil and improving final products.

We are thankful to have an event like SNAXPO that brings the snack food industry together so we can all continue to improve and learn.

See you at SNAXPO 2025!

If you missed us at SNAXPO contact us to discuss how FILSORB and the CDR FoodLab® may help you!

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View our case study on how FILSORB helped a tortilla chip company significantly reduce costs by increasing their cooking oil’s life by reducing Free Fatty Acids: Here

Want to learn how you can monitor the Free Fatty Acids in your oil? Learn more about the CDR FoodLab®: Here


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