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Frying Oil Filtration: How to Reduce Free Fatty Acids and Extend Your Oil's Life with FILSORB®

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Though Crystal Filtration got its start in industrial metal filtration, the knowledge gained from 30 years in the world of metal working has translated into food production filtration- specifically frying oils. This knowledge has helped us to perfect and create our oil purifying powder, FILSORB®.

In industrial frying settings, oil quality is critical as it not only effects taste, but shelf life as well. The better-quality oil, the longer the shelf life.

Using virgin oil for each batch is extremely costly and not sustainable. Whereas maintaining the oil quality saves money and is a long-term solution, both financially and qualitatively.

FILSORB® is a powdered filtration aid designed to be mixed with used cooking oil facilitating the removal of free fatty acids (FFAs), crumbs, and color compounds. Removing these adverse compounds saves companies hundreds of thousands of dollars in oil and disposal costs and results in products that are not only more shelf stable, but healthier.

We have many customer success stories, including a tortilla chip manufacturer, let's call them "Customer X," who is now able to not only produce better products with a longer shelf life, but also was able to cut costs, time, and frustrations.

Customer X's tortilla chips are cooked in standard canola oil at 340-380°F. The chips are made in batches, using 340-350 gallons per fryer.

An Oberlin filter, mix tank, and holding tank were installed at Customer X. Using this system with FILSORB® XP20, their hope was to conserve their frying oil.

A trial and training evaluating the effectiveness of the Oberlin system and FILSORB® XP20 on the used canola oil took place.

340-350 gallons of canola oil were treated with 40lbs (1 bag) of FILSORB® XP20, a 1.5% ratio of powder to oil, at 200 +/- 5°F. The oil had a contact time of 15 minutes prior to beginning the filtration cycles. To complete the filtration of all of the 340-350 gallons of oil it took 60 minutes including the 15 minute contact period at the beginning.

After the application of FILSORB®, the free fatty acid value of the canola oil was reduced from 0.17% oleic acid to <0.01% oleic acid, the oil was clearer, and there was reduced crumb in the oil. Values were analyzed using the CDR FoodLab® analyzer.

Download the full case study of how FILSORB® and an Oberlin Filter not only helped this tortilla chip manufacturer reduce the free fatty acid's in their cooking oil, but saved them a significant amount of cost here:

Download PDF • 5.15MB

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Amit Chauhan
Amit Chauhan
09 de jul. de 2023


Do you guys are work in India too. We want a oil filteration system in our company .


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