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SnackEx 2024 is a Wrap!

CDR FoodLab® at SnackEx Expo 2024
CDR FoodLab® and FILSORB Team at SnackEx 2024
CDR FoodLab® and Filsorb at SnackEx Expo 2024

This year’s SnackEx 2024 conference is a wrap! Stockholm was as beautiful as ever as and the knowledge and company of the individuals in the exhibit hall was spectacular.  


It was a pleasure for us to get to meet and speak with so many of you about cooking oil optimization and how using FILSORB, HFO80, and CDR FoodLab® in conjunction with each other create the perfect storm for cooking oil and product quality and longevity.   

If you missed us at SnackEx, please reach out to learn more our product lines and how our formula -- Treat+Filter+Test = Oil and Product Optimization  

Click here for our publication in SNACKS magazine!  



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