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FILSORB® XP20 Coupled with Star Filter Prolongs Frying Oil Life, Saving Customer Thousands per Month

FILSORB® is an oil purifying reagent that removes free fatty acids (FFAs), impurities, and color compounds from used frying oil. These are all compounds that lead to rancidity so by removing them, FILSORB® will prolong the life of the oil. Resulting in cost savings all while improving the final product.

Cooking oil FFA before and after
Frying oil before and after treatment with FILSORB® XP20

One of many examples of FILSORB® prolonging oil life is with a customer who produces peanuts. This customer utilizes FILSORB® XP20 with a Star plate and frame filter in order to reduce FFAs during the frying process to extend the life of the oil, allowing them to reuse oil that they would have otherwise thrown out. This customer is able to get a reduction of roughly 0.26% oleic acid with every treatment, bringing their used oil’s FFA back to virgin levels.

By utilizing FILSORB® XP20 with their Star filter, this customer is able to save an estimated $24,300 per month in discarded oil.

cost saving with FILSORB
Cost savings evaluation of implementing FILSORB® XP20

In addition to cost savings, FILSORB® reducing impurities (FFAs, color compounds, burnt crumb, etc.) in the frying oil facilitates better end products. Fried foods absorb a large amount of oil during the cooking process, so cleaner oil means cleaner products. When fatty acids cleave from the parent fat molecule (FFA), they are much less stable and more prone to oxidation. Therefore, by reducing FFA’s the chance of oxidation in the final product is also reduced, which means fresher products, with better mouthfeel, and optimal shelf life.

For more details about how this customer was able to achieve such great results with FILSORB® and their star filter, read the full case study here:

Download PDF • 2.80MB

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