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CDR As Easy As 1, 2, 3…

The CDR FoodLab® analyzers are pre-calibrated, easy-to-use photometers that utilize pre-filled reagent kits and LED technology to simplify the testing process of many foods, beverages, and ingredients.

Thanks to the innovative design of the CDR FoodLab®, the analysis methods are easier and faster than the traditional official methods and can be performed in just a few steps. The FoodLab ensures the same accuracy and reliability as the official methods featuring touch screen technology with displayed step-by-step directions to walk the user through the testing process.

It really is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

The CDR FoodLab® test methods are calibrated in correlation to the official methods, allowing the CDR FoodLab® to maintain the accuracy and reliability of the official test methods. Due to the analyzer being pre-calibrated and utilizing pre-filled reagent kits, the CDR FoodLab® also reduces testing costs, time, waste and user error compared to the official methods.

The CDR FoodLab® analyzers comes in different versions, the Top, and the Junior. The Top version includes a built-in printer, ability to connect to LIMS, and allows for testing up to 16 samples at a time, making it great for laboratories with large testing volumes. While the Junior version, also available battery powered, is suitable for smaller laboratories and on-the-go use. Both versions of the CDR FoodLab® are extremely user friendly, store analysis results with the ability to export to excel, and can be used out of the box as soon as it arrives.

Whether it’s a CDR FoodLab® Top or Junior that is added to a laboratory, it is bound to enhance the analytical experience.

To find out more about the CDR analyzer options and how you can utilize the innovative technology to simplify and speed up your testing process, while maintaining accuracy, visit:


2146 Avon Industrial Dr.

Rochester Hills, MI 48309


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