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Curious About Crystal Filtration's Filter Medias?

Updated: Jun 12

Variety of Filter Media including HFO80
Crystal Filtration has a variety of nonwoven filter medias available

Media filters remove unwanted particles and pollutants from a range of liquids, from metalworking coolants to cooking oils and everything in between.

No matter how fluids are used, they will inevitably gather particles that reduce their efficiency, shorten their lifespan, and harm equipment. Media filters remove these pollutants, extending the useful life of the fluid as well as reducing wear and tear on equipment.

Consider metalworking coolant fluids. These are essential for keeping metalworking machinery operating at safe temperatures, but gradually get polluted with various particles due to the manufacturing process. Our media filters reduce the need to replace coolant fluids, resulting in a decrease in both cost and waste, and an increase in tool life and quality.

At Crystal Filtration we have a variety of filter medias available to fit your needs. Whether you’re filtering coolant used in fine grinding and honing applications with a gravity filter or filtering steel mill rolling oils and coolants used for honing and polishing when clarity is critical – Crystal Filtration has a solution for you!

Contact us today to have us help you find your clear solution.


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