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New Year, New Website; Same Great Company!

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Here at Crystal Filtration Company, we are always striving to improve our products and services to provide the best customer experience possible. It is time that we did the same for our online presence and community. is now the central home for: Crystal Filtration, FILSORB®, Quartz Analytics, Waste Free, and La Fil.

Our goal is to create a more centralized platform to make it easier for our customers to discover, learn, and find relevant resources about the product and services across all Crystal Filtration’s brands and the industries that we support. Be sure to stay tuned as we continue to grow and add valuable content.

Crystal Filtration Company Office Front

Are you new here? Let us introduce you to who Crystal Filtration is:

Crystal Filtration Company was established in 1986 with the goal of providing advanced media filtration solutions to reduce costs and improve quality. For over three decades we have helped countless companies across a broad range of industries lower manufacturing expenses and produce better products. Crystal Filtration started out with a single product. We spent our first year developing an improved filter paper for metal working coolants used in the manufacturing of two piece aluminum cans.

As we expand our product line our intent is to uniquely develop each application with the aim of providing maximum value for our clients from start to finish. We use a scientific approach to fully understand the client’s manufacturing process, environment, and overall needs. Today, we offer multiple options for filtration services.

LaFil, our Latin American subsidy, offers the same wide variety of non-woven filtration solutions that our customers have come to know and trust at Crystal Filtration. With inventory and a warehouse in Monterey we are able to stock and distribute products to our Latin-based customers in a cost effective manner.

Our Waste Free recycling facility enables manufacturers to go landfill free by recycling their filters. Though we serve a broad variety of industries, it all shares one common theme: we employ innovative media filtration.

How to test for free fatty acid in oil using the CDR FoodLab® Analyzer
Testing for Free Fatty Acid on the CDR FoodLab®

Over a decade ago, we branched out into the food and beverage industries with FILSORB® and Quartz Analytics. FILSORB® is an oil purifying powder that helps reduce Free Fatty acids in frying oil, enabling longer oil life, and less oil waste which saves the snack industry time and money. Quartz Analytics distributes the CDR FoodLab® analytical equipment in order to monitor a large array of parameters in different food and beverage products including measuring Free Fatty Acids in oil.

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Find out more about Crystal Filtration Company and our brands here.


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Rochester Hills, MI 48309


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